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Ripped To Shredz Fitness (RTSF) is an online Internationally recognized fitness company that is geared towards the health and fitness industry. We are here to help you improve the quality of your health and wellbeing in the most simplified manner.

Utilizing a unique, diverse concept to nutrition and training - RTSF is able to p
rovide effective services for a wide range of individuals. 

From entrepreneurs dealing with busy work schedules wanting to look and feel their best, to stay at home moms wanting to lose and keep off that last ten pounds, to the industry elite looking to step on stage at their genetic potential.

RTSF is quickly becoming a worldwide movement in the health and fitness industry, and looking to continue its growths now with a plethora of additional services.
Those of you currently struggling with fitness. 
I absolutely love working with RTSF for a lot of reasons:

(1) Kalim always gives very thought out answers to any questions that I ask and you can tell he really took the time to respond;

(2) Aside from getting personalized responses to the questions I have, any residual questions lingering in my mind are answered through his informative Instagram or Facebook posts, as well as in his Instagram

I have been working with RTSF for a few months now and have never been so happy with a program/coach!

I so wish I would have found Kalim and his training sooner! Since working with RTSF I have gained a new understanding of training, nutrition, and balance.

RTSF has guided be through a cut and now a slow reverse diet where I am achieving a body that i have always wanted - and all in a healthy manner!

Working with RTSF has been life changing for me. 
I’ve spent my entire life on some sort of “diet” whether
it be food restrictions, excessive cardio, ridiculous
amounts of protein, low carb, etc. 

Nothing worked long term and my happiness was tied
to the scale.  

Over the last  year I decided to make getting fit and
healthy a priority and began working out with a local
trainer who made me feel bad about my genetic
makeup and “limitations” of my physique.  

I enjoy being a part of RTSF because it's freedom, you are limited to nothing.

I restricted myself for so many years it was very hard to grasp this freedom Kalim takes about.

But after working with him he has truly changed my mindset on fitness. I no longer look at the "right now" result but I'm training my mind and body for the rest of my life.

On the left was before I started with RTSF, middle was at the end of my first cut, and the right is maintaining!

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Transformation with Team RTSF from December 2014 to December 2016.

I stumbled across @rippedtoshredz Instagram page and knew I needed to have him as my coach!

Team RTSF means a lot of things to me.  It means being part of a team that believes not only in health and fitness, but in moderation, living life fully, and putting your needs, sanity and well being above going to extremes to look a certain way. 

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For years now I have worked extremely hard trying to improve my life as a whole, both mentally and physically, and I truly struggled to get to where I wanted to be. I've never had great self esteem and definitely suffered from body dysmorphia.

Being extremely competitive and a severe perfectionist my motivation when I first started training came from hatred of my own body.

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Jan. 25/17 of this year I weighed a scary 83.5 pounds being 5'3 and almost 22 years old. March 24/17 (current picture) I am officially 94 pounds and only going up.

It's hard mentally and physically, but I told myself I am going to do this and not give up until I get my health and life back. I have been feeling mentally better & it's amazing that I can actually have clear thoughts again.

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I remember first starting my fitness journey when I was 19 years old. 

I had always been fascinated with girls who lifted and knew that cardio alone was not going to give me the look I so strongly desired. 

I hired Kalim a few months prior to my wedding.

I wanted to get in better shape and I didn't  know how to eat to reach my goals.

Team RTSF gave me the ability to live a shredded life, while maintaining a healthy lifestyle to enjoy the foods I love as well as put more energy towards my career.

Ripped To Shredz Fitness had been on my radar for a while. I have a lot of experience doing my own macros and tracking and took myself all the way to 2 figure shows.

RTSF has transformed not only how I view fitness, but how I view life.

They help me apply healthy aspects to relationships, college, lifting weights, work, etc.

I think one of the most important qualities to look for when choosing to work with a coach is finding someone who knows and understands that there is more to life than two-a-days and tilapia.

Health and fitness has always been a huge passion of mine, I feel my best when I'm physically and mentally healthy. However I think I was ignoring my mental state of mind before

I joined RTSF. Before I joined the team I lifted, did lots of cardio and counted my macros.

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