Welcome to the Online Coach Workshop

This is a unique, life changing opportunity for a very select group of aspiring Online Coaches in the industry.

My name is Kalim Menzel and I am an aspiring Entrepreneur, currently the CEO of (3) Companies.

Through demand in the industry, not only do I continue to emphasize my focus on helping transform clients lifestyles - I have now created an Online Coaching academy, to help aspiring Coaches develop their businesses from ideas, to Careers.

Below, you can send to the headquarters email a request to receive an application for your opportunity to be chosen from a very specified filtered list of individuals for this Coaching Mentor Academy workshop.
I have created an Academy to help develop the entirety of your Online Coaching Business.

In this systematical workshop, I will help you develop your business from ground one, to the top.

I will show you what I have created in this Industry from my revenue reports, to my growth rates, to my client list, protocol structure... Validating my academic and business progression.
This workshop will teach you our proven algorithms for generating a real social media audience, pre dominantly potential clientele - while there is a plethora of information online coaches can intellectually grasp, this workshop will identify the key concepts to Nutritional science and Physiology that need to be comprehended to practice both effective and safe protocols to your future clients.

Beyond the implicative service itself, this Workshop will build a true CEO out of you; outlining the very creation of your business portfolio from your accounts, revenue statements, budget assessments and taxable income purchases/prioritizing.

Essentially, showing you how to make your money work for you!
Below is the Request for the next available workshop.

We are taking 5 Coaches per workshop. The workshops are 6 months in duration - and the accepted applicants will be offered an additional bonus offer!

I want to formally state that this service is not cheap, and its not for the average mindset. This workshop is an investment to your future, for aspiring entrepreneurs that want to invest not only the funds, but the time and effort it takes to create a profitable, successful business that opens the doors to the future you dream of.

This applications will be immensely filtered, and only the properly suited individuals will be chosen for this life changing business endeavor.
Prices for this workshop will be outlined in the response to this application.
Are you ready to change your life?
Are you ready to help change others lives?
Are you ready for financial freedom and all it includes?
"Work with me and get some money" - K.M.