1 Month
$250 USD
3 Month
$375 USD
6 Month
$550 USD
$700 USD
9 Month
12 Month
$885 USD

All Packages Include:

1. Macros and Adjustments
You will receive instructions on how to get started as soon as your package arrives.  You will be shown how to eat different foods every day, as you would whether you were on a diet or not.  You will learn how to implement an accountable system of eating that allows you to not only enjoy all of the foods/drinks you love most, but have complete control of your body composition for the rest of your life!

2. Training Programs
Individually designed for each persons lifestyle and needs. 

Changing training programs week to week is NOT necessary for results,
but can absolutely be done depending on our clients needs.
Upon purchase of a package you will be sent a questionnaire.

• Weekly support/check ins
• Macro adjustments as needed
• Cardio guidelines (if needed)
• All packages sent out within 2-4 business days
• No payment plans due to the nature of the business
• RTSF is an internationally recognized company, prices are set in USD currency
• Six, Nine & Twelve month packages that are purchased are able to be paused. This DOES NOT include One & Three month packages. 


This package will depend on duration specificity, date of show, and your current state.

Please inquire within.