Where are you from:
Born in Fresno, CA but raised in orange county, CA from the age of 2!

Currently living: Santa Barbara, CA

Why do you love fitness?: I love fitness because it truly has brought so much joy to my life.

Working out has become my way of expressing my feelings and my escape from daily challenges.

I can go into the gym completely sad and come out feeling like a new person. Health and fitness has become my lifestyle, with a side of ice cream. I can do things I never thought I could do, I have met some of the most incredible individuals and it ultimately led me to meeting my fiancé.

This isn’t just some phase I’m going through to lose weight - This is my life.

How long have you worked with RTSF?: 2 ½ years and counting
(Nov 2014)
What makes this program different from any other? This program is different because it isn’t just a “one size fits all” program.

Kalim cares. He practices what he preaches and wants the BEST for his clients. He puts the work in day in and day out to make sure he is doing everything he can to help his clients reach their personal goals. This program is different because it is actually maintainable! How many “diets” do people try where they just yoyo back and forth from weight gain to weight loss because they’re so unsustainable?! That’s where TeamRTSF comes in and changes everything.

Philadelphia, PA

Bio: I have recently graduated with my doctorate degree in Physical Therapy from Duke University (May 2016). I am currently working as a physical therapist for a large health care network in the Philadelphia area.

Fitness Journey/Team RTSF: I began this fitness journey as a member of RTSF 4 years ago- I was an athlete my entire life, but I set a new goal to begin building my strength- not only physically, but mentally as well.

I competed in two natural bikini competitions and I am blessed to have earned the overall title and become a professional IFPA athlete thanks to Kalim's incredible coaching and guidance.

During this process and being a member of RTSF I uncovered a passion for strength training. More importantly, I began to heal my relationship with food and fitness. I grew to learn what balance truly means in regards to health and overall wellness.
Qualities of RTSF: One of the incredible qualities of this team is the notion that you learn that fitness can be a part of your life, but it does not not have to be your entire life. Being a part of this team you also learn that mental health is just as important as physical health.

With that being said, you can attain you physique/ fitness goals without sacrificing your relationships with friends and family. Balance is a hard concept to attain, but thanks to this team the goal to reach overall balance regarding fitness can certainly be conquered.

In my eyes, there is no other team out there like RTSF.....a team that is certainly changing the game.

Where are you from:
Born in Fresno, CA

Currently living: Santa Barbara, CA

Why do you love fitness? I love fitness because of the self-confidence and discipline I have attained from consistent exercise habits.

When you educate yourself on how to influence positive adaptations in your body due to exercise stresses you not only feel better, but you look better.

Also, you can eat more food when you exercise and not gain weight because of the excess expenditure of calories. And let’s be real, who doesn’t want more food.

How long have you worked with RTSF? 2 Months

What makes this program different from any other?
Kalim makes this program different from your typical “cutting” or “bulking” program because of the science that backs up the claims. Everyone is different based off of their age, gender, exercise frequency, and intensity. Because of this, in order to reach you goals whatever they may be, adding muscle, getting leaner, etc. you have to be in a caloric deficit or surplus based off of your needs. Simply put, Kalim’s program is so effective because it is based off of each individuals specific needs.

Roseburg Oregon! But now all my family is in Portland, so that is home!:)

Salt Lake City Utah getting my masters in occupational therapy!

Why I love fitness:
I love fitness because it is 100% unique to every individual.

There is no right or wrong with fitness, just the one track that brings YOU joy!

Fitness doesn't have to be a temporary phase you go through to meet your "goal size". It can be an amazing part of your everyday life!!

For 2.5 years!
How is RTSF different: There are no words for the amazingness of this program. It isn't a program that is just out to take your money, throw you a meaningless, unindividualized plan, and call it a day. This program cares. This program LITERALLY changed my life. It taught me that being 90 pounds, tired, starving, and weak is NOT beauty. It gave me a plan that was meant for ME and continues to grow with me. It is a plan that is realistic, makes me grow as a person, and WORKS!!!
I can honestly say that joining RTSF was one of the best things I could have done, for both my physical and mental health. Kalim has taught me to no longer label foods as “good” or “bad”, and that eating a donut or enjoying a night out with friends, will NOT cause fat gain. He has helped me completely change my mindset about nutrition and training. I no longer need to spend over 2 hours in the gym every day, or feel extremely guilty if I miss a day of training.
Ultimately, Kalim has helped me build a healthy relationship with food, which I was worried would never happen for me. I can’t say enough good things about RTSF!

Location/Hometown: Edmonton, AB

Bio: I graduated from the University of Alberta in 2016 with my Bachelor of Kinesiology. I am currently working at a Medical Clinic just outside of Edmonton doing a variety of tasks including occupational testing, pre-employment testing, and ergonomic assessments. I am continuously taking new courses within my field to help broaden my knowledge.

Fitness Journey: I was a competitive soccer player and cheerleader growing up. However, I experienced a knee injury in 2012 which required me to give up both of those activities. I had to find another way to stay active, and thereby found my love for the gym. Since then, I have competed in 4 bikini competitions and am now an ABBA nationally qualified bikini competitor.

How is Ripped to Shredz different than any other types of coaching:
After my most recent competition, I reached out to Kalim in hopes that he would be able to help me reverse diet out of my prep. I had always struggled finding balance after my previous competitions and wanted to do things right this time.

Location/ Hometown:
Haddonfield, New Jersey

BIO: I graduated from Widener University with my Bachelors and Masters in Special Education and Assistive Technology. I worked as a special education teacher at the elementary level for 7 years teaching students with reading disabilities and autism.  Now, I am a stay at home mom with my two babies and a lifestyle blogger.

Fitness Journey: I was a competitive swimmer my entire life and grew up in an extremely active family.  After my swimming career was over, I found my love of the gym and lifting weights.  I taught exercise classes at local gyms throughout my college years. Fitness is apart of who I am.. and by taking care of myself.. it helps me better take care of the ones that I love

How is Ripped To Shredz Different from other styles of coaching:
Honestly joining the RTSF program has changed my life.  It is one of the best investments I have ever made. 

I finally feel like I have a balance in my life and I am not obsessing about the gym, cardio, and food.  I promised myself after having my 2nd child that I wanted to be in the best shape of my life, both physically & mentally.
Through the coaching and guidance of Kalim..I am no longer living in the gym or restricting myself to foods that I would have never dared eat before.  Fitness is now my lifestyle and living lean doesn’t come with sacrificing family time, amazing food, or hours wasted doing cardio like I used to do.  I am so happy with this program that I could just go on and on!  To sum it up LIFE CHANGING!