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"I have been working with RTSF for a few months now and have never been so happy with a program/coach!

I so wish I would have found Kalim and his training sooner! Since working with RTSF I have gained a new understanding of training, nutrition, and balance.

RTSF has guided be through a cut and now a slow reverse diet where I am achieving a body that i have always wanted - and all in a healthy manner!

I am beyond happy with the results I have achieved thus far and that is all in thanks to Kalim and his invaluable knowledge he has regarding training and nutrition. You definitely can't go wrong working with RTSF!"

- Abbie -
"Working with RTSF has been life changing for me.  I’ve spent my entire life on some sort of “diet” whether it be food restrictions, excessive cardio, ridiculous amounts of protein, low carb, etc.  Nothing worked long term and my happiness was tied to the scale.  

Over the last  year I decided to make getting fit and healthy a priority and began working out with a local trainer who made me feel bad about my genetic makeup and “limitations” of my physique.  I was told eating excessive amounts of protein was the only way I’d build muscle and in trying to comply, my mind, self-esteem and digestion suffered majorly for it. 

When I came across Ripped to Shredz on Instagram I cautiously followed for a few months admiring client transformations and enjoying the realistic approach Kalim had to diet and exercise.  Nothing was extreme. 
Nothing was “off limits” and enjoyment of food and life are a top priority. Now, 5 weeks in, I am amazed at how much easier this whole process is.  I am eating more food than I ever have, I am loving my time in the gym and I am not stressing about food. 

I honestly have to check myself every now and then because old mindsets creep in telling me I shouldn’t eat carbs or I need to hit the gym every day, but I am reminded that balance is important.  I can honestly say that this is the best thing I have ever done for myself.  I feel strong both body and mind and I am excited to see where I can take this. 

Ripped to Shredz, I can’t thank you enough for the tools you’ve given me to live a life free from the stress of dieting and restriction!"

- Aspen -
I absolutely love working with RTSF for a lot of reasons:

(1) Kalim always gives very thought out answers to any questions that I ask and you can tell he really took the time to respond;

(2) Aside from getting personalized responses to the questions I have, any residual questions lingering in my mind are answered through his informative Instagram or Facebook posts, as well as in his Instagram

(3) RTSF helps people in all aspects of life and has really built a community of supportive individuals who are looking to better themselves;

(4) Working with RTSF has helped me progress as much physically as mentally and I am no longer uncertain about what the future holds in fitness, but excited about where we can take my body in the years to come.

Working with RTSF has really changed my life. I can’t thank them enough!

- Megan -
I enjoy being a part of RTSF because it's freedom, you are limited to nothing.

I restricted myself for so many years it was very hard to grasp this freedom Kalim takes about.

But after working with him he has truly changed my mindset on fitness. I no longer look at the "right now" result but I'm training my mind and body for the rest of my life.

I thank RTSF and Kalim for this new way of living and so thankful to be a member of Team RTSF!!!

Thank you again for this wonderful opportunity


- Haley - 
On the left was before I started with RTSF, middle was at the end of my first cut, and the right is maintaining!

Before working with Kalim I had no structure or balance with my diet.

My biggest improvement is mentally, my relationship with food, and the tools to progress!

Kalim has so much information and is truly a great coach!

- Kelly -
Transformation with Team RTSF from December 2014 to December 2016.

I stumbled across @rippedtoshredz Instagram page and knew I needed to have him as my coach! I knew how to workout, but I needed help with finding a new relationship with food. 

I still continue to work with Kalim because he is an amazing person with so much knowledge and understanding with how the body works. If you are thinking about hiring a coach, I recommend RTSF 1000 times over! If anything just follow his page, he gives info that you can relate to and can apply in your everyday life.

- Kari -

Team RTSF means a lot of things to me.  It means being part of a team that believes not only in health and fitness, but in moderation, living life fully, and putting your needs, sanity and well being above going to extremes to look a certain way. 

My body is in no way perfect. Through RTSF I have been taught how to ENJOY fitness, and not feel like it was consuming my every thought.

If you're looking to find a program and team that gets fit AND says yes to triple scoop ice cream cones, then this is your calling!

- Kenzie -
For years now I have worked extremely hard trying to improve my life as a whole, both mentally and physically, and I truly struggled to get to where I wanted to be. I've never had great self esteem and definitely suffered from body dysmorphia.

Being extremely competitive and a severe perfectionist my motivation when I first started training came from hatred of my own body.

So I started doing my homework and researched and read everything I could get my hands on to try and find that "miracle" that would make me perfect. I tried almost everything that I thought made sense, eat this many calories, burn that many calories, eat clean, eat small meals, no sugar, watch your sodium...etc. Long story short I ended up with an eating disorder in which I was doing 1200 calories of cardio a day and an hour of weightlifting on top of an active job. Absolutely no rest days for fear of "getting fat".
And I would never allow myself more than 1000 calories a day and that was high. The scale became my life, and it was never low enough or good enough. This became so taxing that I began to binge on weekends to the point of making myself painfully sick, then the cycle would start again and I would restrict for weeks after out of guilt and to see that scale drop once again.

Physically I was never "skinny" enough and mentally I was a wreck. I then found RippedToShredz Fitness and it changed my entire life! It was an easy decision for me to reach out, and I was so excited and hopeful when Kalim began my fitness journey. For the first time I actually had a coach and a plan that was based on me as an individual, not the latest "fad" diet and exercise program... Someone actually listened to my goals and what my habits and schedules were like. From the first day I signed up I knew that this would be different, that this is what I needed to get me to where I wanted to be!

My transformation has been an incredible journey, one that has changed my life completely in all areas and continues to improve me physically and mentally everyday! Pictures may show the amazing improvements that I have seen in my physique, but the biggest improvement may be in what you cannot see... MENTALLY... Mentally I have done a complete 180 in how I think and feel! Thanks to Kalim and what he has taught me, I enjoy food again, I don't stress over what I can eat or how to burn it off. What he has taught me is sustainable, I am not depriving myself of anything that I love, I put in my work in the gym which includes rest days, and very little cardio and have become enjoyably obsessed with how strong I can get and how much more I can lift... My gains in strength and body composition have been so much more than I ever imagined. I continue to be amazed with what he and I together have been able to achieve. 

It has driven me to push even harder to see just how far I can go in all aspects of my life! In 32 years I can honestly say he has been the biggest blessing in my life and the single greatest decision I've ever made!

- Laura -
Jan. 25/17 of this year I weighed a scary 83.5 pounds being 5'3 and almost 22 years old. March 24/17 (current picture) I am officially 94 pounds and only going up.

It's hard mentally and physically, but I told myself I am going to do this and not give up until I get my health and life back. I have been feeling mentally better & it's amazing that I can actually have clear thoughts again.

I'm eating 1000 calories more than what I used to, and with the help of my amazing coach Kalim, I have more energy during my lifts, I have more motivation to go out again and do things I used to do! It may only be a small amount of weight gained, but progress is progress and I'm not giving up no matter how hard it gets.
My coach Kalim & his amazing girlfriend Ashley have both been so incredible to me and have been by my side through this scary time. I can't wait to see how much stronger mentally and physically I become.

I trust them completely. This journey is tough but I'm not going back to where I was stuck before! 

- Jen -
I remember first starting my fitness journey when I was 19 years old.  I had always been fascinated with girls who lifted and knew that cardio alone was not going to give me the look I so strongly desired. 

As I started to lift weights, I could never figure out why my body wasn't reflecting the amount of work I was putting in.  I clearly remember thinking “this handful of cheek-its I eat a day are the only carb source I consume so… WHY AM I NOT LOOSING WEIGHT?”

Kalim and the Ripped to Shredz Fitness team has been a saving grace. I discovered Kalim on instagram and that same day I sent him an email begging him to help me.  I never questioned his theories or the madness behind his methods of “literally eating whatever you want”.
Kalim and the Ripped to Shredz Fitness team has been a saving grace. I discovered Kalim on instagram and that same day I sent him an email begging him to help me.  I never questioned his theories or the madness behind his methods of “literally eating whatever you want”. 

I knew the lifestyle this team offered was one that I could practice and preach about for the rest of my life. If you have ever questioned the advice you’ve been given about not being able to eat ice cream and pizza everyday while still living the “fit life,” I highly encourage you to join this team.  I mean it when I say that it will change your life and the way you live it because every member on this team is living proof.

- Baylee -
I hired Kalim a few months prior to my wedding. I wanted to get in better shape and I didn't  know how to eat to reach my goals.

Kalim set me up with macros that ended up being more than I usually ate. 

At first it felt odd but now it is just my normal. He also gave me a work out plan that had me in the gym 5 days a week! 


- Kaci Lynn -
Ripped To Shredz Fitness had been on my radar for a while. I have a lot of experience doing my own macros and tracking and took myself all the way to 2 figure shows. But what I wasn't prepared for either prep was the aftermath. I was your stereotypical competitor that lost their ever-loving mind after the show and soon treat meals turned to binge days. It was miserable and I was so disappointed in myself.

Eventually I knew I had to get help and RTSF clearly knew how to take good care of his clients and I'd noticed he was working with girls with my same background. Not only was it reassuring, but it was like a gift from god. I started working with this sweet couple and in the few months they coached me & I became more laid back and less strict on myself while leaning out and working on my mental health as diligently as my physique. I'm so blessed to have been part of this team!

- Alyssa West -
Team RTSF gave me the ability to live a shredded life, while maintaining a healthy lifestyle to enjoy the foods I love as well as put more energy towards my career.

Less time spent in the gym and more time living life.

Worth every penny!

- Ryan Fortier -
RTSF has transformed not only how I view fitness, but how I view life. They help me apply healthy aspects to relationships, college, lifting weights, work, etc.

I went from fearing foods, to going out on weekends with friends for drinks, ice cream dates with loved ones, and eating only foods I truly love.  RTSF has taught me it's all right to love food, enjoy things in moderation, and most importantly balance my life.

I don't spend hours in the gym 5 days a week, and I only do cardio that I enjoy. I don't know where I'd be without the guidance and support of RTSF!!

- Julie Schenck -
I made it a goal for myself to focus on me and get back to a comfortable weight. After months of trying (and failing) on my own, I discovered RTSF.

Kalim's approach and immeasurable amount of knowledge assured me I had made the right decision. I was so giddy and anxious to receive my plan! When I opened it up, I was absolutely blown away; It was so in depth and straightforward. I knew how to count macros, but I never trusted myself with the numbers I came up with. He had me eating MORE than I had ever planned out myself and I felt 10x better within that first week. The workout structure is different than I am used to, which keeps things interesting and challenging!

Beyond the workouts and macro guidance, I found peace. With Kalim's flexible approach and understanding, I have rid of my binge-eating tendencies. I could not tell you the last time I have had an episode and that to me is greater than any amount of weight loss. I am finally at a place in my life where I don't feel controlled by food or exercise, which is how it should be! No tilapia or two-a-days here (unless you want them to be, of course).

Whether you are just starting out in your fitness journey, or have been in the industries for years- I highly recommend RTSF! Your body is the one place you have to live for the rest of your life, invest in it.

- Sheyenne Johnson -
Health and fitness has always been a huge passion of mine, I feel my best when I'm physically and mentally healthy. However I think I was ignoring my mental state of mind before I joined RTSF. Before I joined the team I lifted, did lots of cardio and counted my macros..

I was doing all of the "right" things to make me lean and it worked! I got extremely lean but with all things, it came with a price... I obsessed over the numbers on MyFitnessPal and if I went over on fat for the day I would beat myself up over it.

I think counting macros and being aware of the amount of food your consuming is extremely important and is something I still do today, however RTSF provided me with knowledge to know that it's important to feed your body and live life!
I'm no longer afraid of social gatherings and unexpected changes of plans. RTSF also taught me how to maximize my time in the gym so I no longer worry about working out 7 days a week! I now live a TRUE healthy & happy life and for that I can thank the RTSF team!

- McKayla Berres - Minneapolis, Minnesota
Want to be featured in our TESTIMONIAL SECTION?
I think one of the most important qualities to look for when choosing to work with a coach is finding someone who knows and understands that there is more to life than two-a-days and tilapia.

As a competitor, I know the grind. I lived it for nearly 2 years straight. After my last competition back in 2016, I lost control. With a sudden change in everything I knew after graduation college and moving across the country, I began to lack motivation and resorted to food for comfort.

I have struggled with numerous eating disorders in the past, but it got to the point where I would eat cake for breakfast and binge on anything I could find to the point where it physically hurt to move. After 4 months of living in Arizona, I moved back home to Minnesota with all my belongings and an extra 35 pounds.